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B —

Boy and Girls Club
71-77 Merchants Row
Rutland VT 05702
Larry Bale, Executive Director - ten.tsacmoc|crcgbbl#ten.tsacmoc|crcgbbl
(Open up space for various programming events, etc.)
Maura, Forest Park Coordinator - ten.tsacmoc|crcgbgm#ten.tsacmoc|crcgbgm

Community Action in Southwest Vermont
Patricia Shambo
60 Center St
Rutland, VT 05701
(802) 775-0878
BROC has amazing volunteer opportunities for teens!


Coolidge State Park Guide
Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation
855 Coolidge State Park Rd
Plymouth, Vermont 05056
(D-Unit stayed at Coolidge State Park's Group Campsite for their Summer '09 Mid-Retreat. The facilities were very comfy, with ample space and a large fire circle.)

Crystal Beach, Lake Boomoseen
Bomoseen State Park
22 Cedar Mountain Rd,
Fair Haven, Vermont 05743
Park Phone: 802-265-4242
Open 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM or Official Sunset
Season: Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend
(On the northern shore of Lake Bomoseen is this popular area for summer recreational activities offering swimming, basketball courts, volleyball courts, grills, and a pavilion. The beach is a great spot to go see the Fourth of July fireworks. For more information, call 1-888-409-7579.)
(Forest Park DUnit got a summer pass in 2009 for 40$ to bring up to 6 kids once a week for 6 weeks! -Jenni 09)









Lake St. Catherine State Park
3034 VT Rte. 30 - South
Check out free admission passes from Poultney public library, or walking into the park equates to no fee. We parked on Endless Brook Rd., on the left side-way left from traffic. Think about people who use Endless Brook Rd. and Rt. 30. The world doesn't stop for you and mentees because you're all apart of a nonprofit organization!(one day my support was not being supportive in crossing the road!yikes) If you don't feel comfortable walking with children in an organized fashion then don't park and walk from Endless Brook Rd. Figure something out, but try to save DREAM the cash!!

M —

Mentor Connector
Sandy Cohen - Executive Director
77 Woodstock Ave
Rutland, VT 05701

Mendon Mountain Apple Orchards
16 US Route 4
Mendon, VT 05701
(802) 775-5477 | moc.sdrahcronoddem|ofni#moc.sdrahcronoddem|ofni
Since 1982, Mendon Mountain Orchards has been a family run motel and "heirloom" apple orchard. They also have a bakery and country store on their 26 acres. You can purchase apple pies and cider.
We took about 15 kids to this place where the owners sent us to a certain area to pick apples. They offered to donate the bags to us for free. With more time, you might be able to get a better discount.


The Nature Conservancy
West Haven Program Office
115 Main Road
West Haven, VT 05743
Phone: (802) 265-8645
Fax: (802) 265-4823
(Great opportunity for community service, education, and getting outdoors for an ADVENTURE! with other AmeriCorp staff - Jenni Summer 2009)



Michael J. Valentine
Executive Director
Howe Center
1 Scale Avenue, Suite 18
Rutland, Vermont

PegTV is the Rutland County Cable Access TV station, and after taping an episode of Rutland County United Way at Work, seemed excited about taping mentors and kids again! Chuck Sharpe from the United Way had only great things to say about Michael J. Valentine at PegTV, and is hopeful that they will be able to share facilities with DREAMers in the future!
*Each month PegTV selects community partners through their gift giving program and donates time on PegTV to be used however the community partner would like! Want to film a talent show? A fundraiser? A cooking show? Just apply!

Pine Hill Park
Rutland Recreation & Parks Dept.
City of Rutland, Vermont.
Trailhead at the Giorgetti Athletic Complex
2 Oak Street Ext.
Rutland, VT 05701||krapllihenip
(Check out National night out-In July-free food, swimming, and entertainment) We offer a unique 300 acre, 16 mile singletrack trail system to: Mountain Biking, Running, Hiking, Walking, GPS‘ing/Geocaching, Snowshoeing, (Sorry No ATV Access) AND 100ft Suspension Bridge!!)

Poultney Public Library
205 Main Street
802 287 5556
staff wlecome DREAMers; regular free programs; story telling times; state park(Lake St. Catherine, any state park), echo science center, and history museum discounted rentable admission passes; members pay $5 deposit, so you get you $5 back when you finish you membership, which is determined by you!(when enrolling into a membership, your member relationship with the library might be smoother if you identify yourself from the college(or Poultney), especially if you plan renting discounted admission passes).

Poultney Town Hall
Main street
Poultney Summer Recreation Schedule


R —

Rutland Parks and Recreation
271 N. Main St. Suite 215
Rutland, VT 05701
(Get shelters reserved for retreats, BBQ’s, etc. As well as combining summer programs at the different communities, and we occasionally use their bus for back up to ours.)


Tim Johnson
Poultney Summer Recreation run through Poultney Town Office
Tim is enthused about education and can help DREAM work out an affordable sailing price.

Sam's Good News
162 North Main Street
Stony Brook Plaza
Rutland, Vermont 05702
Voice: (802) 773-4040
Fax: (802) 775-1074
(Small community newspaper that was suggested to us as a press source for DREAM news. Sam is always looking for a good story, and really loves the work the United Way and it's partner agencies do in the Rutland Country Area!)

Smokey House Center & Farm
426 Danby Mountain Rd.
Danby, Vermont 05739
Fax 802-293-5650
Our products are for sale at the Rutland Farmer's Market in Depot Park on Saturday Mornings, at local stores, and through CSA shares.
(Mentee worked as Intern at this community supported agricultural center over summer 2009. The FP local program went on a trip to see the animals and pick blueberries as well as getting to see what an intern does! - Jenni 09)

Stawberry Picking
Liebig's Strawberry Ridge
Granville, NY
518 642 1385
Fair pricing. (instead of driving down 22a to Granville try the short cut, which needs to be clarified(try calling the farm). The short cut: drive through Hampton NY onto 22a then take an immediate right-you're on your own from there)




W —

Wal-Mart Rutland
1 Merchant's Row
Rutland, VT 05701
(Worked with fund raisers, car washes and they match the funds)





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