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Toronto, Ontario

Me to We

Michele Chikwanine
Motivational Speaker, Former Child Soilder
225 Carlton St.
Toronto Ontario, Canada M5A 2L2
T: 416.964.8942
E: moc.ewotem|elehcim#moc.ewotem|elehcim

Spencer West
Motivational Speaker
225 Carlton St.
Toronto Ontario, Canada M5A 2L2
T: 416.523.0792
E: moc.ewotem|recneps#moc.ewotem|recneps

(Michele and Spencer are both amazing charismatic individuals with amazing stories and amazing commitments to sharing their stories with young people!)



Arthur Sabat
4909 Murphy Canyon Rd. Ste. 510
San Diego, CA 92123
Tel: 858-541-2900
Email: moc.eladsronav|tabasa#moc.eladsronav|tabasa
(Arthur first met DREAM at the CLASSY Awards in San Diego. He's "Passionate about helping others," and really down with DREAM's work)

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
Lisa Milam, Customer Service Manager
P.O. Box 28, Escondido, CA 92033
Lisa coordinated a donation of Soap for the Summer 2009 for Camp DREAM to help us promote hygiene and environmental stewardship!

Geraldine Gatehouse
1145 Oak Drive
Vista CA 92084
Mobile: 760.519.3227
Landline: 760.758.5522
Email: moc.esuohetag-enidlareg|gg#moc.esuohetag-enidlareg|gg

Kelley Lewis
Live Loyal Public Relations
11755 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1650
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Office: 310-954-8331
Cell: 781-799-8431
Email: moc.rplayolevil|yelleK#moc.rplayolevil|yelleK
(Kelley met DREAM at the CLASSY Awards. She is a Massachusetts native and was pumped to hear we were in Roxbury. Kelley also works at a college in California, and may have inroads should we ever make it out west!)

Matt DeCelles
10920 Via Frontera
Suite 410
San Diego, CA 92127
Tel: 213-841-9438
Email: moc.skrowtentramseciov|sellecedm#moc.skrowtentramseciov|sellecedm
(Matt met DREAM at the CLASSY Awards and was in the early stages of starting a mentoring program with a few friends also in the corporate world.)

Outside the Lens
Rachel Lebowitz
(Outside the Lens is a literacy through arts program based in California. OTL is a great organization that first met DREAM at the CLASSY Awards. They immediately offered us free trainings via SKYPE and their curriculum!)

Stay Classy
Mike Spear
Director of Non Profit Relations
Cell: 310-980-1965
Email: gro.yssalcyats|raepsm#gro.yssalcyats|raepsm

Zach Luczynski
10920 Via Frontera
Suite 410
San Diego, CA 92127
Email: moc.lanoitangat|hcaZ#moc.lanoitangat|hcaZ
(Zach and his pal Matt DeCelles met DREAM in San Diego at the CLASSY Awards. They were working to found a mentoring program on the West Coast.)



Story Worldwide
Jon Thomas
Communications Manager
Story Worldwide
20 Marshall St. Suite 220
South Norwalk, CT 06854
Tel: 203-803-4846
Cell: 203-551-1910
email: moc.ediwdlrowyrots|samoht.noj#moc.ediwdlrowyrots|samoht.noj
(Jon met DREAM on the plane to the CLASSY Awards, and again at the event. Story Worldwide understands that advertising-as-interruption is over. We connect brands to customers by telling engaging and entertaining stories that audiences actually want to hear. Imagine that!)


DC Central Kitchen
Food Pantry, Non Profit Think Tank, Revolution!
425 2nd St NW
Washington, DC 20001-2003
(202) 234-0707
Bobby Hunter
INCREDIBLE volunteering, motivational speaking, rent/borrow meeting space for groups… all around AWESOME people. DREAM visited them in January of 08 with our Service Adventure Team and met Bobby and the founder Robert when they came to do a workshop in VT



Big Brother's Big Sisters of Hampshire County
Renee Moss

The Bangs Center 17 New South St. #105
Amherst, 01002 Northhampton, 01060
Ph. 413-253-2591 Ph. 413-586-3339
Center for Human Development & Hampshire
Community United Way
(DREAM met Renee @ the Massachusetts State House in 2010. She was very interested in how our model worked; mentors programming with kids on a college campus. Look her up if we make a jump to Western MA)

Museum of Science, Boston
(617) 723-2500


West Kennebunk Fire Station
Kennebunk, ME 04043
Contact: Chief Ray Ingalls

Birchwood program stayed here on their culminating trip in fall of 2007. The fire station has two rooms with cots, tv and couch room, conference room for meals), industrial kitchen and fire trucks to climb on! Can accomodate about 40 peeps.


Tim & Vinney are managers. Tracy is day manager.
Pizza Rest. in Lebanon and Hanover.
(Sometimes gives deals to kids.)
(Contacted on 2-9-09 to ask for donation for phone-a-thon. Said they'd give 3 pies and we offered to buy the other 7. -Daniel)

Whale's Tale Waterpark
US Route 3
Lincoln, NH 03251
(603) 745-8810
Must make a group reservation - the Office has reservation slips!!


Unique Sports and Accessories
(800) 950-1955
Sells visors, sweatbands, suntan lotion, etc.


The Great Escape & Splashwater
1172 State Route 9
Queensbury, NY 12804
(518) 792-3500
(Dartmouth adventured to The Great Escape for the Spring 2009 Culminating! They received a deal for purchasing their tickets by a certain day and well in advance to their trip, 4 complimentary tickets were included. The rate per ticket was $21.00 (the usual group rate) compared to $41 for anyone of the height of 48".)

Queen New Life Fellowship
Zola Allen
718 424 0122
cell 718 316 3172
place to stay in NYC they have one shower and more than enough room for 20 people. have never stayed with them before but they were really nice on the phone

Wayne Brown
Acromegaly Community, Founder
Email: acromegalycommunity.com
Tel: 716-523-9135
(Wayne is great. He met DREAM at the 2011 ClassyAwards. He lives and works in Buffalo, NY, and has TONS of connections in the colleges in the Buffalo area. He'd be really excited to help DREAM find a home in upstate new york.)

West Side YMCA
(212) 579-4200
($87.00 per night per room, each room holds 2 people. Can petition for a cheaper rate!)
Presbyterian Church
Lenny Singer
646 878 4413
volunteered with him during elm st. high adventure summer 2007. ask phil ortego about the experience

West End Park Presbyterian
165 West 105th Street at Amsterdam Avenue, NYC
Pastor Rev. Drummond or Sophie
(212) 663-2900
(elm st high adventure stayed there in 2007 - made donation to the church. had a gym and kitchen and was great!)

The Bronx Zoo
(718) 220-4069
Offers group rates, bring your own lunch, etc.


Brandon Knott
EnduraFit, LLC
3706 Crondall Lane, Suite 103
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Ph: 410-902-5950
Direct Phone: 301-580-1471


Providence Housing Authority
Lisa Isom
21st Century Program Coordinator, PHA
Email: moc.ecnedivorp-ahp|IasiL#moc.ecnedivorp-ahp|IasiL

Kathleen Povar
Dir. Family Success Center, PHA (not her title, but what she does)
Email: moc.ecnedivorp-ahp|neelhtaK#moc.ecnedivorp-ahp|neelhtaK
(In the fall of 2010, DREAM spoke with Lisa and Kathleen regarding DREAM's hopeful and eventual expansion into RI. PHA currently supports a 1:1 mentoring program funded by an Eisenhower grant, but felt that DREAM would be a great fit for their portfolio.)

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