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A —

American Flatbread
115 St. Paul St,
Burlington VT 05401
(Franchised restaurant, not owned by same people as Middlebury and Waitsfield - see Addison County, restaurants for their info.)
(Jen (moc.daerbtalfnacirema|nej#moc.daerbtalfnacirema|nej) @ American Flatbread helped camp build the brick oven! They donate clay to rebuild the oven. Jen mentioned we should contact them in June about getting on a benefit bake for the following year. -Daniel)

Al's French Fries
Williston Road, South Burlington
Bill Bissonette is the owner. His cell is 343-5495.
(We got this connection through Erik Hoekstra (Friend of Daniel and DREAM donor). Bill is a big supporter of activities for children in Burlington's Old North End.)
(On February 9th, we asked for food donations for the UVM Alumni Phone-A-Thon and he gave us 30 burgers and 15 pints of fries. In the future, he'd appreciate more notice. Please make sure all interactions with the resources are recorded here. -Daniel)

Adam's Apple Orchard and Farm Market
986 Old Stage Rd. Williston, VT
E-mail: moc.tnomrevkcipu|elppatv#moc.tnomrevkcipu|elppatv
Phone 802-879-5226
Steve Adams is a good friend of Pete Land (Board of Directors)
-10/1/10- Jenna Rae received a donation of about 120 apples for DREAMstock
-10/1/11- Liz received an apple donation (1 bushel/~100) for DREAMstock


Boloco Burritos
92 Church St.
Burlington, VT 05401
Contact: Tony
November, 2010: donated 'dinner for four' to the online auction.
(On December 13, 2009, as part of their "12 Days of Giving" initiative, Boloco offered DREAM $.50 from each burrito or salad sold, as well as table space from 12 - 3 pm in the restuarant. -Sandy Mervak)
October 2, 2010: 160 Flour Tortillas donated for DREAMstock (Sarah Caliendo former employee)
-10/2/11: Donation received for DREAMstock - 72 Mini burritos!!!!

C —

Cheese Trader's
1186 Williston Rd.
South Burlington, VT, 05403
Liz contacted Robert (owner) on 10/8/08 and he agreed to give us a 10% discount on cheese for DREAMstock

Chicks Market
60 Hickok St,
Winooski VT 05404
(Occasionally sell our shirts and gave a donation to High Adventure)**

City Market
82 S Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(Anything and everything; they donate to our programs, give us a large discount on top of our non-profit one, etc.)
2/24/2009: We now get a 15% discount at City Market. To use our account, tell them that 'Program' is the last name and DREAM is the first name. Make sure the 15% is applied.

Trainings on how to make a nutritious meal / snack on a low budget. (Carolin Homan: pooc.tekramytic|namohc#pooc.tekramytic|namohc)

218 Lower Mountain View Dr.
Colchester, VT 05446
(DREAM has a Costco membership. The Costco card is kept in the Ben and Jerry's office (802-338-8979). When
you want to go to Costco come pick up the DREAM Costco card in the office and return it on your
way back form Costco. You have to pay with either a DREAM check or a debit card and then get reimbursed by DREAM.)

D —

Donny’s Pizza
22 Main Street
Winooski VT 05404
(Connection through Chris Howell, they are able to give us dough for the brick oven during camp sessions, etc.)
(Jo from Frelm contacted them for dough donations for the 2009 Spring Thing - They donated 5 large dough balls. Jo, May, 2009 Donny's requires a request letter in order to donate.)



G —

Great Harvest
Bakery on Pine St. in Burlington
Jenna Rae (Frelm St.) put in request for donation for Chili Cook-Off on October 6, 2008. Amira Bakr (UVM 06 Alum) has boyfriend who works at Great Harvest.




K —

Klingers Bakery
10 Farrell St.
South Burlington, VT

- 10/6/08 Jenna Rae (Frelm St.) requested donation for Chili Cook-Off on October 6, 2008. They cannot make donations for the rest of the year.

L —

Leonardo's Pizza
1160 Williston Rd
South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 951-9000
(Jo from Frelm contacted them for pizza dough donations for the 2009 Spring Thing - they donated 20 large dough balls and 50 pizza boxes. Jo May, 2009)

M —

Myers Bagels
377 Pine St.
Burlington VT 05401
(802) 863-5013
Lloyd (Owner of Myer’s)
(Daniel and Jen built a good relationship with him and the company; Camp gets discounted bagels along with DREAMstock and other events; Llyod would love to see some of the mentor/mentees come in and learn to make bagels.)
-10/1/08 Elizabeth asked for Bagels for DREAMStock, and recieved 75 bagels.
-10/6/08 Jenna Rae (Frelm St.) asked for donation for Chili Cook-Off and was given 15 dozen bagels. Chili Cook-Off is going to be on Saturday October 18th 2008.
-6/28/10 Franklin Square and Riverside made bagels at Myers.
-10/1/10 Jenna Rae asked for donation for DREAMstock and received 80 bagels and cream cheese.
-10/1/11 Liz secured six dozen bagel donation for DREAMstock!



P —

Panadero Bread
203 North Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(When able they donate food for retreats, meetings, camp, DREAMstock, etc.)

Papa Franks Italian Restaurant
13 West Center Street
Winooski, Vermont 05404
(They have given great discounts on pizza for local programs!)

Price Chopper
595 Shelburne Rd,
Burlington VT 05401
(Connection mostly cemented through Champlain College; Price Chopper has donated day old bake goods for fundraises, etc.)
Store: Manager requires a DREAM letterhead donation request, At least a weeks notice, most often outcome is $10.00 gift certificate.
Bakery: The bakery provides more donations in addition to the gift certificates. Ask the Manager of Bakery (Lisa - '06/'07) and give her a letter as well. There should be at least one week notice before specific requests, or they can give baked goods that are still good, but not sell-able in the store.)

Purple Knight Pizza
29 College Park Way
Colchester, VT 05446
(They have not only worked with the Franklin Sq/SMC program on discounted pizza but they have also donated pumpkins for the past 4 years to the program to carve around Halloween and the children put them in front of the restaurant to display!)
(Purple Knights has closed - the previous owner Rick now owns part of new Yankee Lanes in Colchester - go check him out there!!!)



S —

(Each program works closely with their dining hall for fundraisers, supplies to borrow, meals for mentors/mentee pairs during the year, etc)
Champlain College - Sandi Earle, Champlain College Dining Services, PO Box 670
- 10/1/11 Liz received 120 bagged chip donation for DREAMstock!
St. Michael's College -

Skinny Pancake
60 Lake St., Burlington,
This is a crepe restaurant owned by Benjy Adler. He has his own vegetable oil bus and has helped us think through our own bus conversion. We share bus resources and oil sometimes. I'm asking him if he's interested in being a bus sponsor. (Daniel Shearer 4/8/09)

Stone Soup
November 2010. Church Street. Donated a $25 gift certificate to the online auction.


Texas Roadhouse
225 Interstate Corporate Center (Right off Rt. 2 in Williston, just West of the junction with Rt. 2A)
Contact: Katie Nickitas, Marketing - moc.oohay|satikcink#moc.oohay|satikcink
Contacted us in April 2010 about a charity benefit rib eating contest in June '10. Ended up bringing in about $1,500 for DREAM. Mike L. ate 6 ribs in 12 minutes, Sandy ate 19. Also gave us free meal coupons. Will potentially sponsor DREAM again next year. Email and ask! (Sandy Mervak 7/1/10)

U —

Uno Chicago Grill (Pizza)
South Burlington, Shelburne Rd.
Contact: Jamie Thomas at moc.liamg|418meideprac#moc.liamg|418meideprac
They support non-profits by doing a night where 15% of sales are donated. The non-profit has to invite people with slips of paper which are turned in…so not all sales result in donations. If sales are greater than $1000, 20% of sales are donated. The Birchwood program did this fundraiser in 2005.

V —

Vermont Pub and Brewery
144 College St,
Burlington VT 05401
(They gave a donation to High Adventure trips)

Viva Espresso
197 North Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(Super nice people who accommodate us for meetings, however we have not directly worked with them for products.)






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