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Bike Recycle
664 Riverside Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401
Tel: (802) 264-9687

November, 2010: donated a 1 hour basic bike maintenance lesson to the online auction.

Burlington Farmers' Market
Local farmers, bakers, and craftspeople sell their wares.
Saturdays, May through Oct. in City Hall Park

Booth Bishop Retreat Center
20 Rock Point Circle
Burlington, VT 05408-2735
Email: gro.tnomrevfoesecoid|htoobpohsib#gro.tnomrevfoesecoid|htoobpohsib
Office: 802-658-6233
Stephen Antell, Manager
$20 per person per night to sleep in the 4person rooms

Boys and Girls Club - Riverside Ave.
General Programming Space
Boys & Girls Club of Burlington
62 Oak Street
Burlington VT 05401
Main Phone: (802) 864-5263
Fax: (802) 864-6827

C —

Casey Family Services
Winooski Office
46 Main St, Suite 1A,
Winooski VT 05404
Robin Bahar, Brian, and Anita
(Agreed/offered to donate $2,000 to camp every year) / Offered 4-6 hours of office space

Champlain Oil Company
45 San Remo DR,
South Burlington VT
(Where the bus is parked as well as where we buy most of our bio-diesel from)
Tony is the owner, often in Florida. Keith directs trucking and is our go to person for bigger things. Dave is the mechanic and helps us with any tech questions. They sell B5 in the winter and B20 in the summer.

Channel 17 (Cyber Skills)
294 North Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(Public access cable station, helps out with technology)

Charlebois Trucking
Intervale Rd
Burlington VT
(Buy parts from them…the same as Clark’s and J & B’s, no discount.)

Community Health Center of Burlington
617 Riverside Ave
Burlington, VT 05401
(free dental program for some of the children)
Jon Bourgo
(Also, a good place for AmeriCorps staff to go for sliding scale dental care)

Catamount Outdoor Family Center
592 Governor Chittenden Rd
Williston, VT 05495-7762
(802) 879-6001, (802) 658 6233
Lucy was our contact
4hrs - $15 is the usual price (use of everything, trails, skiis, snowshoes, etc…)
School group price (which they’ll give to DREAM) is $6 per person
Open from 9-5
No overnights, potential for indoor space for a meal

Cumberland Farms
291 Central Avenue
Dover, NH 03820-4127
fax: (603) 749-6408
Mrs. Kathy J. Fahey
Division 46 Secretary
Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies - Division 46 Office
Received a $25 gift card to Cumberland Farms. (10/13/09)
Future detailed requests to the above name. Make sure you have DREAM's tax ID: 31209


Dinse, Knapp, McAndrew, P.C.
Law firm. Dave Gurtman (moc.esnid|namtrugd#moc.esnid|namtrugd) is a lawyer there (friend of Daniel's) and is familiar with DREAM. They are big into the United Way and we have asked them to consider sponsoring the bus. John Dinse, one of the founding partners now retired, is married to Anne Dinse of Shelburne who knows of us through the Turrell fund and is a big fan. (Daniel Shearer, 4/8/09)



G —

Green Mountain Power
163 Acorn Ln,
Colchester VT 05446
(They give donations, especially to high adventure)

G.V.V. Architects
284 South Union St,
Burlington VT 05401
(Work with them at camp, they made our camp maps, etc.)

Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP
PO Box 447
Burlington, VT 05402
Fax (802) 651-7289
(Volunteered for a clean up day in Franklin Square, June 2008)

H —

Hannaford Supermarkets
217 Dorset St
South Burlington, VT 05403-6208
(802) 863-6311
Person In Charge: Ken ?something? (they can give you his card)
(I was asking for a food donation for a BBQ: I had to write a letter and bring it in and turn it into Customer Service. They had me fill out a form summarizing the letter pretty much and asking for information about the organization I worked for - such as DREAM's address, phone number, etc. - I received a $25 gift card.)

Healthy City
Jen McGowan
Summer 2010 sponsored a garden @ Hunt Middle School (near Franklin Square)
Also involved with the Archibald Garden (near Riverside)

Howard Center for Children and Family
1138 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401
(Community Friends Programs, have events with them, etc. Katie Wiseman from the DREAM Office mentors w/them)


J —

J.A. Morrissey, INC.
464 Shunpike Rd,
Williston VT 05495-9585
Jeannie Morrissey – Owner
(Jen worked with them and they donated to High Adventure Alaska)

J&B International Trucks
Herculese Drive, Colchester (behind Costco)
For the bus: They give us a fleet discount on parts and recently gave us a discount on service (1/2). This could continue if we establish a solid relationship. However, getting service done there hasn't always been great or easy. -Daniel (office)

K —

King Street Youth Center
87 King Street Post Office Box 1615
Burlington, VT 05402
Phone: (802)862-6736 Fax: (802)658-5328
(Another mentoring organization in Burlington where you can share programming
information/resources, Tara Hostnik, Nicole Walsh, and Kristin Burdge from the DREAM office mentor there)

Kiss the Cook
November, 2010: Donated a $25 gift certificate to the online auction.


Lake Champlain Chocolates

LCC is located on Pine St. in Burlington. They make fair trade hot cocoa mixes and we got a case of these donated for WAC one year. I believe they were intended to be mixed with milk, but water worked out. Worth checking before a session. They ask for 4 weeks, but it often happens faster. Go to their website and fill out a form: They also accept requests for cash donations by March 15th. -(Daniel)


Main Street Barbers
Phone: (802) 863-5100
Email: ten.srebrabteertsniam|sat#ten.srebrabteertsniam|sat
Contact: Teri Sheehan
Evan Eckstein contacted Teri in Spring 2009 regarding a fundraiser. In December 2009, Main Street Barbers hooked DREAM up with over $700 in prizes for a raffle, and many hours of coordinating to host a fundraising event. Teri said she'd be willing to donate gift certificates for haircuts or grooming products to support future fundraising events when I spoke to her on Jan. 11, 2010. - Sandy M.

Majestic Car Rental
(802) 860-7300
Holly Farrington is our contact. She has given us a special rate of $109.99 for the van, 25.99 for compact and 30.99 for mid size.

Milton Family Community Center
Phone: (802)893-1457
Email: gro.retnecylimafnotlim|yragb#gro.retnecylimafnotlim|yragb
Contact: Beth Gary
Beth coordinates Teen Time, a biweekly open space session for teens with pool tables, television, Wii, board games, etc. She has offered the space as an option for teen DREAM Fridays, and is interested in doing a project with DREAM teens and their mentors in 2010 / 2011. -Sandy M.


Nomandin, Jon


O'Brien Community Center
Place where The YMCA, Teen Center, and Karen's Office is.
Questions? Contact Melody McKnight!: moc.liamg|ydolemthginkcm#moc.liamg|ydolemthginkcm.

P —

Parks and Recreations
Burlington- 645 Pine St,
Burlington VT 05401
Dan Cahill, Recreation Coordinator

(Get shelters reserved for retreats, BBQ’s, etc. As well as combining summer programs at the different communities, and we occasionally use their bus for back up to ours.)

Winooski - 27 W. Allen Street
Winooski, VT 05404
Robert A. Dimasi, Director

Photo Garden
20 Dorset St., South Burlington, VT 05403, 802-863-1256 (upload photos online for printing)
(They print DREAM photos (up to 4x6) for free. We ask for 100 print cards whenever we run out. Need to speak to the owner or possibly managers for this donation. Larger formats are not free but sometimes discounted. The office uses this at a moderate rate of 1-2 cards a year. If programs would like free prints, please go through the office to ensure we don't over use this. -Daniel)

Pizzagalli Construction
50 Joy Drive
South Burlington, VT, 05403

(Asked for donation of a generator and scaffolding during tree house construction (8/06). They said they'd already made substantial commitments. Probably worth asking for future donations. -Daniel)

Price Chopper
595 Shelburne Rd
Burlington, VT 05401-5050
(802) 651-9826

(I was asking for a food donation for a BBQ and this is how it went down: You must write a letter asking for a donation and bring it into the customer service desk. They'll ask you to fill out a sheet of paper summarizing your letter pretty much - including your Organization, it's Address, Phone Number, etc. - they gave me 200 paper cups and 2 large stacks of napkins as well as a $10 gift card.)



S —

Saint Michael’s College MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts)
1 Winooski Pk,
Colchester, VT 05439
Heidi St. Peter (Director) ude.tvcms|2reteptsh#ude.tvcms|2reteptsh
Jason Moore (Assistant Director) ude.tvcms|eroomj#ude.tvcms|eroomj
(The SMC/Franklin Square DREAM is affiliated with through the MOVE office – they receive funding, support, transportation through/from MOVE)

Saint Michael's College Wilderness Program
1 Winooski Pk,
Colchester, VT 05439
802.654.2000 (Ask to be connected to Wilderness)
(The Wilderness staff is open to leading trips, lending equipment, and providing instruction for hikes, kayaking days, and other camping needs. Talk to Eben!)

570 Shelburne Rd
Burlington, VT 05401-5049
(802) 860-2255
(I asked for a food donation for a BBQ: I wrote a letter explaining what DREAM does and why I was having a BBQ, etc. I turned it into Customer Service. I had to fill out a sheet of paper summarizing the letter and asking for information about DREAM - address, phone number, etc. - I was rewarded with a $25 gift card.)

Sodexo of Champlain College
265 South Willard
Burlington, Vt 05401
— (Not known at the moment)
Ask for Ted
(Has held the fundraiser iron chef multiple years in a row, has given us bag lunches for trips, given us space for duct tape a security guard)

Spectrum Youth and Family Services
Justin Verette & Patrick Deleon
(Justin - Worked w/DREAM on DC Service Adventure Trip in winter/spring of 2008)
(Both Patrick and Justin are on the DREAM Board of Directors )

Select Design
They are a major clothing/gear printer located on Flynn Ave in Burlington. I approached them at the end of 2008 to ask for their sponsorship, providing our shirts. They agreed to a discount of just below $5 a shirt (sweatshop free, printing, and shipping). They also process Ben & Jerry's orders and we have asked to be notified when they make an order so we can hop on to any new colors. Noah Lee is who we work with there: moc.ngisedtceles|eeln#moc.ngisedtceles|eeln -(Daniel)


This is a printer in Winooski that we have used for our newsletters, appeal items, etc. They work well with us. Julie is who we normally work with. Email: ten.nozirev|1xamrut#ten.nozirev|1xamrut. I believe they give us a discount. 655-4159 -(Daniel)

U —

United Way Vermont 211
Dial 211 on your telephone. This is an AMAZING service focused on finding people whatever help you may need. This includes help with anything from how to get a drivers license to food stamps to housing to after school services…anything. Vermont 211's business is knowing how to find help. This is valuable to DREAM families, mentors, DREAM staff, everyone! (posted by Jon Harris 10/2/09)

UVM Outing Club Cabin
Bolton Valley, VT
Rentals through John Abbott (Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs)

V —

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility - VBSR
We are members and they provide online discussion forums for the membership. We can participate in their networking events and access other members. They have an internship program. If we have internship positions, we should send them on. -Daniel

Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
180 Flynn Ave,
Burlington VT
Joanne Heidkamp, PD
(Connection through Cailie and Kristen, work with their summer food program for camp and they provide summer food to different communities where we run D-UNIT, as well as starting a Cooking-for-Life program in some of the communities with mentors.)

Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (VRRP)
462 Hegeman Ave, Suite 101
Colchester, VT 05446
Tel. 802-655-1963
Fax. 802-655-4020
Email: gro.tvircsu|prrv#gro.tvircsu|prrv
Contact: Laurie Stavrand, Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator - 802-338-4627, gro.tvircsu|dnarvatsl#gro.tvircsu|dnarvatsl
Laurie said she was interested in helping out with our mentor training for fall 2010. She wants to get an idea of how DREAM recruits mentors and trains them, and would like to give us tips on cultural competency. - Sandy

Vermont Tire
1877 Williston Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403, (802) 658-1333
Donated the alignment for the DREAM Jetta. We gave them information on DREAM. David Butterfield is the manager who did this for us. Worth approaching for future donations of labor and possibly tires. (-Daniel)

Veggie Oil, Filtered and donated (CAUTION: May be multiple donors)

Jon Normandin: IBMer, French Royalty, eccentric, engaging and wonderful genius. moc.loa|nidnamronnoj#moc.loa|nidnamronnoj (prefers email contact.) Willing to give any amount of filtered veggie oil. Al tries not to take more than the combined capacity of the Jetta and the Bus at any given time (aprox. 100 gal.) However, if more is needed for a trip, please confirm that taking CALCULATED amount of oil is OK with Al (or any future DRC) BEFORE doing so. Give adequate notice (2 weeks) before a big trip so that appropriate amount of oil can be collected.
Entered by Al Martini 10/8/09

Veggie Town
Community garden in Winooski.
Programs have done gardening, sold veggies at Winooski Farmers Market in 2007.
Contact: Bob Dimasi, 655-1392 X12

W —

Wal-Mart Williston
(Worked with fundraisers, car washes and they match the funds)

Winooski Community Center
Meeting space, teen run bike shop, kitchen, YMCA, etc. The Winooski Family Center is also there. We can use this space for meetings and retreats.
(Following info from Daniel Shearer 5/30/08)
From VISTA Megan McLaughlin: If any of you are planning events involving use of the Community Center, could you please double check with me to be sure the event is scheduled properly.
In addition, as I've mentioned at meetings, if anyone is interested in use of the space, I am the contact for that. Thanks everyone! -Megan

Megan McLaughlin
Winooski Department of Recreation and Community Wellness
Family Wellness and Recreation Coordinator
AmeriCorps VISTA
802-655-6410 X12

Winooski Health and Wellness
Has summer lunch program for Franklin and Elm Streets - Summer 2009
Has pool for potential summer programming
Bob Dimasi, 655-1392 X12

Nina Ridhibhinyo, 802-655-1392 ext. 21

Winooski Farmers Market
Farm stand - $5 per week
D-Unit got table during summer of 2009 to sell DREAM shirts!





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