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C —

Climb High
191 Bank St., Burlington. VT 05401
(802) 865-0900
(Donated water bottles to Birchwood Fall '06 for Free!)


E —

Eastern Mountain Sports
100 Dorset St,
South Burlington VT 05403
(Connection through camp programmers, they donate a large amount of gear for summer and winter adventure camp.)

F —

The Farm Between
Jeffersonville VT
(Our CSA for camp, campers go out and volunteer/help on the farm during various camp sessions.)






L —

Laughing Stock Farms
Fletcher VT
(Where all of our lumber for camp projects is bought)



Nina Wright
802-655-1392 x21
Veggie town- We helped water plants and receive a number of plants from the greenhouse

O —

Outdoor Gear Exchange
152 Cherry St,
Burlington VT 05401
(Connection through Chris Howell, Mike Loner, and Stephanie-past employee; They are very useful when it comes to donating gear to DREAM for camp, as well as donating money to the organization in general.)

P —

Perfect Pallets, Inc.
450 W. 16th Place
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Contact: Bob Haag
317-924-5284 ext. 301 (Easiest to contact through Liz Haag, Staff)

Service: Free plastic pallets
Used at WAC for tenting sights
Can be picked up from the Burlington Free Press (Call ahead and ask for Steve Meyers (Shipping/Receiving Manager)


R —

Rice Lumber
Located on Shelburne Rd., just after Bay Rd. Jim is contact for donations. David (Treasurer) gave me 1/2 off on a product and asked that I set up an account and speak with Jim (President) about DREAM for future discounts. When making purchases, fax them a list of items and they can give us prices. They have Cabot stain and lots of building supplies. -Daniel

S —

S.D. Ireland
100 Grove St., Burlington, VT, 05401
PO Box 2286, South Burlington, VT, 05407

-Daniel (office) called for a concrete donation 6/23. They only bring concrete in trucks, larger than we'll need. Haven't asked for a monetary donation. They're getting back to us.

S.T. Griswold & Company, Inc.
193 Industrial Ave,
Williston VT 05495
802-658-0201, moc.dlowsirgts|ofni#moc.dlowsirgts|ofni
(Donated concrete for projects at camp)
-Daniel (office) emailed for a concrete and cement donation 6/23. Never heard back. Lauren called and was told that it's a 6 week written process. Daniel's thinks that if we contact them in person at some point and discuss a discount, this may be on file for the next time we need it.
-Steve contacted Holly Forte for discounted bags of concrete- can deliver in truck too for larger amounts)



V —

Vermont Youth Conservation Corp
1949 E. Main St,
Richmond VT 05477
(They come up and work at camp, volunteer their time to DREAM)


U —

UVM Outing Club
8 Colchester Ave.

Service: Can rent gear for DREAMstock/Camp (tents)




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