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DREAMs include: Champlain/Birchwood, UVM/Elm St. - Franklin St., St. Mikes/Franklin Square


• Saint Michael’s College, 1 Winooski Pk. Colchester VT 05439

• UVM, Burlington VT 05405

• Champlain College, 163 South Willard St., Burlington, VT 05402

Local Schools

• Burlington (FSquare Kids)
CP Smith 332 Ethan Allen Parkway, Burlington VT 05401 802.864.8479
J.J. Flynn School 1645 North Avenue, Burlington, VT 05408 802-864-8478
Hunt Middle School 1364 North Ave. Burlington VT 05408 802.864.8469
Burlington High School, 52 Institute Rd, Burlington, VT 05408 802.864.8411

• Winooski (Elm and Franklin St.)
John F. Kennedy School 70 Normand St, Winooski VT 05404 802.655.0411
Winooski Middle/High School 80 Normand St, Winooski VT 05404 802.655.3530

• Milton (Birchwood)
Milton Elementary 42 Herrick Ave, Milton VT 05468-3097 802.893.3215
Milton Middle High School, 7 Rebecca Lander Drive, Milton, VT 05468-3097 802-893-3230

Museums / Edu Centers

• Echo, Leahy Center
1 College St
Burlington VT 05401
Tracey True, Senior Education Manager
(Have provided programs/summer interns with discounted vouchers at a discounted pair price)

• Flynn Center
153 Main Street,
Burlington, VT 05401
Christopher Kaufman Ilstrup, Program Manager
(A summer intern worked with Christopher to work on discounted tickets through the Providing Accessibly Community Tickets-PACT program)

• Robert Hull Fleming Museum
University of Vermont
61 Colchester Ave.
Burlington VT 05405-0064

• Shelburne Farms
1611 Harbor Rd,
Shelburne VT 05482


• Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center
1 Lake St,
Burlington VT 05401
Kate Neubauer
(Summer interns worked with them to sail with the children a few times for free, as well as camp kids sailing on large boats once or twice; donated $100)

• Ticket Fairy
(Provided mentors with discounted tickets to Lake Monster’s games with their mentors or summer kids)

• Shelburne Orchards
216 Orchard Rd. Shelburne, VT 05482
(Elm St. - The deal was first 2 bags free (20 lbs. each) and then 2 more for $20. She was really great about giving us such a great deal!)

• Yankee Lanes
215 Lower Mountain View Dr
Colchester, VT 05446
(802) 655-2720
They give a mobius card discount $2.25 a game and $3 for shoes. In the past we have gotten a little better deal than this. It is called the Howard (Center) deal. Call ahead and ask for the deal and check for availability of lanes.


• Myers Bagels
377 Pine St.
Burlington VT 05401
Lloyd (Owner of Myer’s)
(Daniel and Jen built a good relationship with him and the company; Camp gets discounted bagels along with DREAMstock and other events; Llyod would love to see some of the mentor/mentees come in and learn to make bagels.)

• City Market
82 S Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(Anything and everything; they donate to our programs, give us a large discount on top of our non-profit one, etc.)

• American Flatbread
115 St. Paul St,
Burlington VT 05401
(American Flatbread helped camp build the brick oven!)

• Panadero Bread
203 North Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(When able they donate food for retreats, meetings, camp, DREAMstock, etc.)

• Viva Espresso
197 North Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(Super nice people who accommodate us for meetings, however we have not directly worked with them for products.)

• Costco
218 Lower Mountain View Dr.
Colchester, VT 05446
DREAM has a Costco membership. The Costco card is kept in the Elm St. office (802-655-9015). When
you want to go to Costco come pick up the DREAM Costco card in the office and return it on your
way back form Costco. You have to pay with either a DREAM check or a debit card and then get reimbursed by DREAM.

• Purple Knight Pizza
29 College Park Way
Colchester, VT 05446
(They have not only worked with the Franklin Sq/SMC program on dicounted pizza but they have also dontated pumpkins for the past 4 years to the program to carve around Halloween and the children put them in front of the restaurant to display!)

• Papa Franks Italian Restaurant
13 West Center Street
Winooski, Vermont 05404
(They have given great discounts on pizza for local programs!)

• Donny’s Pizza
22 Main Street,
Winooski VT 05404
(Connection through Chris Howell, they are able to give us dough for the brick oven during camp sessions, etc.)

• Chicks Market
60 Hickok St,
Winooski VT 05404
(Occasionally sell our shirts and gave a donation to High Adventure)

• Sodexho
Champlain College - Sandi Earle, Champlain College Dining Services,
PO Box 670

Saint Michael’s College
(Each program works closely with their dining hall for fundraisers, supplies to borrow, meals for mentors/mentee pairs during the year, etc)

• Vermont Pub and Brewery
144 College St,
Burlington VT 05401
(They gave a donation to High Adventure trips)

• Price Chopper
595 Shelburne Rd,
Burlington VT 05401
(Connection mostly cemented through Champlain College; price chopper has donated day old bake goods for fundraises, etc.)
Store: Manager requires a DREAM letterhead donation request, At least a weeks notice, most often outcome is $10.00 gift certificate.
Bakery: The bakery provides more donations in addition to the gift certificates. Ask the Manager of Bakery (Lisa - '06/'07) and give her a letter as well. There should be at least one week notice before specific requests, or they can give baked goods that are still good, but not sell-able in the store.

Camp/Gear Resources

• S.T. Griswold & Company, Inc.
193 Industrial Ave,
Williston VT 05495
(Donated concrete for projects at camp)

• Vermont Youth Conservation Corp
1949 E. Main St,
Richmond VT 05477
(They come up and work at camp, volunteer their time to DREAM)

• Outdoor Gear Exchange
152 Cherry St,
Burlington VT 05401
(Connection through Chris Howell, Mike Loner, and Stephanie-past employee; They are very useful when it comes to donating gear to DREAM for camp, as well as donating money to the organization in general.)

• Eastern Mountain Sports
100 Dorset St,
South Burlington VT 05403
(Connection through camp programmers, they donate a large amount of gear for summer and winter adventure camp.)

• Laughing Stock Farms
Fletcher VT
(Where all of our lumber for camp projects is bought)

• The Farm Between
Jeffersonville VT
(Our CSA for camp, campers go out and volunteer/help on the farm during various camp sessions.)

  • Perfect Pallets, Inc.

450 W. 16th Place
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Contact: Bob Haag
317-924-5284 ext. 301 (Easiest to contact through Liz Haag, Staff)

Service: Free plastic pallets
Used at WAC for tenting sights
Can be picked up from the Burlington Free Press (Call ahead and ask for Steve Meyers (Shipping/Receiving Manager)

• UVM Outing Club
8 Colchester Ave.

Service: Can rent gear for DREAMstock/Camp (tents)

• Climb High
191 Bank St., Burlington. VT 05401
(802) 865-0900
(Donated water bottles to Birchwood Fall '06 for Free!)


• Photo Garden
206 College St
Burlington, VT 05401 (upload photos online for printing)
(They print DREAM photos either for free or at a very discounted price, we like to support them with personal prints!)

King Street Youth Center
87 King Street Post Office Box 1615
Burlington, VT 05402
Phone: (802)862-6736 Fax: (802)658-5328
(Another mentoring organization in Burlington where you can share programming
information/resources, Tara Hostnik and Kristin Burdge from the DREAM office mentor there)

• Champlain Oil Company
45 San Remo DR,
South Burlington VT
(Where the bus is parked as well as where we buy most of our bio-diesel from them)

• Charlebois Trucking
Intervale Rd
Burlington VT
(Buy parts from them…the same as Clark’s and J & B’s, no discount.)

• Green Mountain Power
163 Acorn Ln,
Colchester VT 05446
(They give donations, especially to high adventure)

• Channel 17 (Cyber Skills)
294 North Winooski Ave,
Burlington VT 05401
(Public access cable station, helps out with technology)

• Parks and Recreations
Burlington- 645 Pine St,
Burlington VT 05401
Dan Cahill
(Get shelters reserved for retreats, BBQ’s, etc. As well as combining summer programs at the different communities, and we occasionally use their bus for back up to ours.)

Winooski - 27 W. Allen Street
Winooski, VT 05404
Robert A. Dimasi, Director

• J.A. Morrissey, INC.
464 Shunpike Rd,
Williston VT 05495-9585
Jeannie Morrissey – Owner
(Jen worked with them and they donated to High Adventure Alaska)

• Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
180 Flynn Ave,
Burlington VT
Joanne Heidkamp, PD
(Connection through Cailie and Kristen, work with their summer food program for camp and they provide summer food to different communities where we run D-UNIT, as well as starting a Cooking-for-Life program in some of the communities with mentors.)

• G.V.V. Architects
284 South Union St,
Burlington VT 05401
(Work with them at camp, they made our camp maps, etc.)

• Community Health Center of Burlington
617 Riverside Ave
Burlington, VT 05401
(free dental program for some of the children)
Jon Bourgo

• Howard Center for Children and Family
1138 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401
(Community Friends Programs, have events with them, etc)

• Wal-Mart Williston
(Worked with fundraisers, car washes and they match the funds)

• Casey Family Services
Winooski Office
46 Main St, Suite 1A,
Winooski VT 05404
Robin Bahar, Brian, and Anita
(Agreed/offered to donate $2,000 to camp every year)

• Saint Michael’s College MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts)
1 Winooski Pk,
Colchester, VT 05439
Heidi St. Peter (Director) ude.tvcms|2reteptsh#ude.tvcms|2reteptsh
Jason Moore (Assistant Director) ude.tvcms|eroomj#ude.tvcms|eroomj
(The SMC/Franklin Square DREAM is affiliated with through the MOVE office – they receive funding, support, transportation through/from MOVE)

• UVM Outing Club Cabin
Bolton Valley, VT
Rentals through John Abbott (Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs)

• Spectrum Youth and Family Services
Justin Verette & Patrick Deleon
(Justin - Working w/DREAM on DC Service Adventure Trip. Patrick - On the DREAM Board of Directors )

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